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STO Saturdays - Day 6 - Sydney Lewis

Meet STO Sydney Lewis!

Sydney is a senior at Carson High School, Troupe 5180! She has been in theatre since 7th grade and has been both an actor and technician, along with dancing for about 13 years. Her favorite show she has ever been in is Peter and the Starcatcher, where she played Smee. Her favorite show she's seen is Wicked. Sydney loves music, fashion, makeup, and of course theatre. Her favorite TV show is Criminal Minds or Bones and her all-time favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon. Sydney's goal as an STO this year is to open up opportunities for younger thespians or more rural counties. That's one of the great parts of online festivals because they open up opportunities for the more secluded parts of Nevada!

Questions from Thespians

Acting or both?

Hello, so acting or tech? I would have to say acting even though tech has a very special

place in my heart for being one of the big things that got me in to theatre. My first show

ever was acting and some of my favorite shows I’ve ever been in were acting, so I’d have

to say acting for that reason.

What’s your favorite musical?

My favorite musical is really hard to choose because I have a lot of favorites for a lot of

different reasons. But encompassing all, being lighting, design, costumes, performance,

overall experience would have to be Wicked. But I also really love Hunchback of Notre

Dame and Anastasia.

What is your favorite state memory?

My favorite memory from state would have to be Opening Number. It was really

stressful putting a show together in three days, but it was really cool to see that big of a

group of thespians come together to put on such a cool show.

How was running for STO?

Running for STO was chaotic and stressful but super fun. I made a lot of really

good friends in that experience, even people who didn’t make it on the board I still talk

to today. It was really worth it but it was really stressful and a lot of work. I didn’t realize

how much went into running those conferences until I was doing it. But overall it was a

really really fun experience.

What is your favorite late night snack?

My favorite midnight snack is any frozen berry, blueberries, raspberries and then

pouring milk over it. Then if you stir it really fast, a little coating of the milk freezes

around the berry and you have like, little mini, kind of like ice cream.

What is the best thing about being an STO?

I would have to say that the best thing about being an STO is the people. Being able to

interact with such amazing other STOs and other candidates who ran, but also, just all of

Nevada Thespians and being given that opportunity to be able to connect with so many

more people that I wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is, “Turn on the dark, I’m scared of the light,” by Shel Silverstein. It’s

just sort of, I don’t know, it’s always resonated with me because I don’t like super bright

rooms. I’ve always had little small lights in my room and it never being super bright

and I don't really like super bright situations and so I’ve always liked, “Turn on the dark,

I’m scared of the light.” I don’t know, I just think it’s cute.

Dream role?

My dream role ever would have to be Anastasia from Anastasia. I love that show and it’s

like such a beautiful costuming and lighting designed show that if you see, like, how

their sets work it’s so pretty and I would love to be a part of that show.

Thank you for reading! Check out our live posts on Instagram @nvthespians for updates, Q+A, and more!

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