Meet Your 2019-2020 Candidates


Everyone struggles in life, but what makes life a little sweeter at times is to have something that they enjoy doing to bring back happiness into their world. In showing them the beauty in what a powerful community can do is a step in the right direction.

Bonanza High School

Eva Aguilar


I believe in the power of listening to others’ opinions.  I think it’s crucial to understand what’s important to Thespian students and taking those opinions and incorporating them into something productive and helpful.

Del Sol Academy

Mia Allen

Because I want to help others. The reason why I want to apply for the State Thespian Board is to bring the same joy and safetyness to others as I do in my school.

Desert Oasis High School

Ricardo Chavez

I hope that I can show Nevada State Thespians how to have a positive out look and how to treat one another. Since a little kid , it’s been my goal to learn people’s stories, I think it is important that everyone has a voice, and everyone is nice to each other.

Green Valley High School

Hayden Dunn


I hope to accomplish a sense of community and family. I want Nevada State Thespian students to feel welcome feel like they have a voice when at the conferences.

Bishop Gorman High School

Gianna Falzarano

Opportunity is a very important theme that I've noticed among all thespians. Thespian students are continually encouraged to succeed and grow, both as thespians and as people.

Boulder City High School

Cloe Madison


I have great determination. No matter how hard something gets I never give up. And when I say never I mean never.

Dayton High School

Emma Cowee


Being in theater has shown me that we always have someone, that no matter what, you have people all around you that share a undying love and passion for the same thing.

Spanish Springs High School

JJ Sanchez


I would want to work on even further strengthening the community, making it further resembling and whole rather than the individual.

Desert Oasis High School

Magdalena Stoyanova

I want to make every kid love the conferences as much as I do instead of viewing them as just another requirement for a class which some do. I hate hearing kids say that they only go for their IE and then leave when there is so much more to than just do a three minute performance.

Silverado High School

Nancy Cordon

To break some students barriers and shells and to help them truly because confidence and strong actors within the thespian society

Desert Oasis High School

Scott Keesler

I would like to get them even more passionate about theatre and I want them to absolutely love all of our festivals even more than they already do.

Foothill High School

Macey Shackelford

I am both an actor and a tech so I can represent both sides and bring more people together. I have also had experience in leadership from being in things like Boy Scouts. So I know how to help people when needed and I respect everybody who I meet.

Liberty High School

Kody Turner

To genuinely show anyone at competitions or conferences that even if they have something holding them back, that they can lead others, act as best as they know they can, or tech as best as they can.

Dayton High School

Tyler Dickey

If I feel there is a problem that needs to be fixed, I can easily come up with a solution and encourage others to help.

Coronado High School

Abigail Williams

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