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To Our Organization


Who is Nevada Thespians?

Nevada Thespians is an affiliate of the Educational Theatre Association. We offer conferences, festivals, workshops, individual event competitions and a variety of options for the students and educators in Nevada.

     The mission of NEVADA THESPIANS shall be to create an artistic, educational and professional network for theatre arts educators, students, professionals and enthusiasts to share ideas and support the effort to have theatre arts recognized in all phases of education and lifelong learning by: promoting high professional standards through collaborative education by cultivating support to sustain and grow Nevada Thespians. Along with honoring the work and recognizing student, educational, and professional achievement in the state of Nevada; as well as producing educational events, programming and publications to expand the knowledge and skills base for Nevada Thespians and the field of theatre education, promoting students work, and its membership to the public, and serving all Thespians in Nevada by being the leading advocate for theatre arts education.

Top Reasons to be a Thespian!

  ​​1.  Be recognized for all your hard work with awards!
  2.  Students can compete in individual events at Regional and State – and WIN AWARDS!
  3.  Teachers can WIN Regional and State Awards too!
  4.  Students will get feedback from professionals and become better actors and technicians!
  5.  Nevada Thespians reinforces teaching and the rubrics are in line with the new National Standards!
  6.  Students and teachers have fun meeting new people who also love theatre!
  7.  Students have an opportunity to audition for scholarships and to learn about their craft!
  8.  Students and teachers make connections to support one another’s departments.
  9.  Nevada Thespian individual events and workshops reinforce what students learn in classes.  
10.  Preparation for competition is already part of the theatre curriculum and competing at Regional and  
​          State is another step in reinforcing student learning.
11.  Because you have a wonderful theatre program – and you should be recognized for it!

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