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2022-2023 State Thespian Officers

2022-2023 STO

 Abigail Berends -

Desert Oasis High School

Joie Lamme

KO Knudson Academy of Creative Arts

Lucielle Lee

Liberty High School

Christion Martin

Bishop Gorman Catholic High School

Ella Maurice (not pictured)

The Meadows School

Sam Barlow

Liberty High School

Rocco Santo Pietro (not pictured)

The Meadows School


STO Logo (14).png

What is an STO?

STO stands for State Thespian Officer.

The STO's job is to plan, host, and manage the upcoming Nevada State Thespian Festivals including regional and leadership/Tech.  The STO also serve as advocates for their fellow Thespians. 

Any freshman, sophomore or junior who is an inducted Thespian and is in good standing with his/her troupe may run for office.  Inducted Junior Thespians in 6th, 7th,  or 8th grade are also welcome to apply.    

The student must be prepared to work hard for their fellow Nevada Thespians.  Only two students per school may run and must be recommended by their troupe director. 


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