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STO Saturdays - Day 2 - Christian Robertson

Meet STO Christian Robertson!

Christian is a junior at Liberty High School; troupe 6730! He is a thespian representative for his troupe and is super excited for all the new theatre experiences this year. They love to sing, dance, act, draw, and go to parks with his dog. His top favorite shows are Stranger Things, Glee, and Big Mouth. He watches anything from comedy to horror, so if you have any suggestions, send them his way! Their goal as an STO is to help those who feel like they can't be helped. He also wants to come up with some awesome ways to have fun with all the thespians during quarantine!

Questions From Thespians:

Do you pull mic tape off slowly or just rip it off?

Personally, I feel like you just gotta rip it off to just get the pain over and done with.

What has been your favorite production?

My favorite production that I've done would probably be either Willy Wonka and the

Chocolate Factory or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. They were just

fun to do!

When did you learn to skateboard and how?

I was about four or five and I got my first board, and it was pretty much trial and error. I

would go up and down the hill and all that kind of fun stuff!

What is your favorite thing about the thespians?

My favorite thing about it is probably the community and the family that it has.

What is your favorite Glee character?

I've never seen Glee, so I can't choose a favorite character.

If you were to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Shy, introverted, and humorous!

What is your favorite part of being an STO?

My favorite part is that you can see what happens behind the scenes, and I love helping

in any way I can.

What is a play or a musical you have always wanted to be in?

I have always wanted to be in The Crucible, maybe as John Proctor. I was also Crutchie

in Newsies, and I would love to do it again!

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from theatre?

That would be to ask for help even though you feel like you don't need it.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever gotten?

The best advice I got was from STO Samantha Pedote, and she told me it was okay to

not be okay.

What is your favorite book?

"It" by Stephen King!

What are your pronouns?

I usually go by he/they, or whatever you are comfortable with using.

Thank you for reading! Check out our live posts on Instagram @nvthespians for updates, Q+A, and more!

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