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STO Saturdays - Day 9 - Scott Keesler

Meet returning STO Scott Keesler!

Scott is a senior at Desert Oasis High School, Troupe 7368! He loves theatre and loves to participate in anything like shows, activities, or events that may not even involve school. Scott spends a lot of his free time connecting with and talking to people online, interacting with friends and family, and trying his hardest to learn to cook. He really enjoys meeting new people and having long conversations with them that de-rail all the time. He loves to sing and mess around whenever he's given the chance whether to brighten a gloomy mood or have a ton of fun. He's always full of energy and blaring with positivity! Scott's goal as an STO this year is to brighten up peoples' days in the harsh part of reality we find ourselves in, and to help everyone see that our struggle doesn't always have to be alone when friends and family are just a call, text, or shout away. He is also positively glad to be on your 2020-2021 STO Board!

Questions From Thespians:

Does the llama have a name!?

My llama actually does have a name. His name is Michael, and he sits here with a little

crocheted heart on his back and he just sits on my desk and I boop his nose sometimes

and we hang out and he’s my son and I love him much.

Favorite show you have done?

Hi everyone, I’m in my car now and I have a different shirt on but my favorite show or

musical. That would be a musical that I saw at nationals two years ago and it was The

Scottsboro Boys. I still think about this show. I still really love this show and I have some

of the music just downloaded to my computer because I really like the show. It was

absolutely fantastic. If you didn’t see it, try to find someplace to watch it. It's really nice.

Any after high school plans?

So for my plans after high school. I’m actually not going straight to college like a lot of

other people would do. I’m actually staying hopefully in state or in Arizona and moving

in with a friend of mine along with one of his buddies and I’m gonna be going to

community college for a year, getting a hold of things, trying to figure out how being an

adult works, and then after that hopefully going to college myself.

Favorite state memory?

My favorite state memory would probably have to be performing in showcase last year. I

thought it was a ton of fun, it was an opportunity I never even thought I would get. It

just totally caught me by surprise and I was so excited to be able to do it. I loved being

able to share my monologues and all my hard work last year with everyone. It was

absolutely fantastic and a lot of people even came up and talked to me afterwards

which I thought was really really cool.

How did you get into theatre?

I actually got into theatre because it was something I never got the opportunity to do

back when I lived on the opposite end of town in Aliante. I went to Cram Middle School

and they didn’t really have a theatre program there. But when I moved down to

Canarelli I actually took one year of drama and I really liked it and I said, “Why not do

this during high school?” It was neat, it was fun, and I made some friends. It kind of

spiraled out of control and now I’m here talking to all of you guys and having an

absolute blast of a time.

Would you ever go skydiving?

I actually want to. It was my plan to do it for my 18th birthday but because of Covid and

everything like that and being in quarantine, I was unable to. But it’s still definitely on my

list to do that as soon as I possibly can.

Goals you have?

So I have 3 major goals. One would be to keep in contact with friends and family after I

move away and stuff like that, you know, your tight main group of friends. Second would

be to actually be successful in something, whether that’s making money, acting, or

public speaking or something like that. And then three would be moving back upstate

to Washington. I really love it there. You get all four seasons. It’s really beautiful and

definitely would love to be there again.

What is your dream car?

It’s actually one of two cars. It is a 1990 Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger in a dark

purple. I like the body of the Dodge Charger but I like the front hood and everything

like that of the Challenger. So if I could just mix those two, It’d be perfect. But I’d take

either one.

One thing you love about Vegas?

One thing I love about Vegas is the look on people’s faces or people’s reactions when

you tell them you live in Vegas. They think it’s this huge party city and everything is all

crazy all the time. But you live here and it’s like, I can go down the street and go to the

gas station.

Thoughts on squish mellows?

Squish mellows. I actually had no idea what these things were. I actually had to look this

up. But my thoughts on them? They’re absolutely adorable and I need one yesterday.

William can finally have a sibling.

Thank you for reading! Check out our live posts on Instagram @nvthespians for updates, Q+A, and more!

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